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Funding Sources

Help is at hand if you need assistance with identifying funding sources to get your business off the ground and help it to achieve its full potential. We have helped scores of businesses from many different industries to gain funding, and we have an expert knowledge of where the best and most exciting opportunities are to be found. Should we think your venture is commercially and financially viable, and likely to attract investors, we can help you source the funding that you require.

A Host of Opportunities

Even in the most turbulent economic times, opportunities to gain funding for your business remain in the form of loans and grants. We have an expert knowledge of the funding climate and have been involved in a host of successful applications. We can take a closer look at the nature of your business and your current circumstances to identify the most suitable funding opportunities on the market.

Business Loans

Typically, it’s easier to gain access to loans than grants, as there are more loans available and the sources know they at least have a good chance of getting their money back. There are many different start-up and business development loans available from the government, with some loans being specifically designed for companies operating in certain sectors. The more innovative and potentially lucrative your business idea is, the more likely it is that you will be able to secure funding. As there are so many loan sources on the market, utilising our knowledge would be highly beneficial to ensure you obtain the most suitable type of funding available.

Considering Grants

The fact that grants don’t need to paid back makes them a particularly appealing option for businesses. As you may expect, this also means they are more difficult to secure. Grants are available not only from the government, but from a modest number of well-known companies and organisations too. You may also be able to secure a grant from one of the many grant-making operations that offer hundreds or thousands of pounds in funding for specific purposes. We can take a close look at your requirements to identify the most appropriate grants available to heighten the chances of obtaining funding. We can help you obtain grant funding by ensuring that your application is as detailed and comprehensive as possible, leaving no stone unturned.

Using Multiple Sources

You may be able to source the amount you require by acquiring funds from various sources. For example, companies can apply for a start-up loan backed by the British Business Bank. We will be able to assess all options available to you, and understand your needs and goals to ensure the most suitable sources of funding are acquired.

The Start Up Loans Scheme

The Government has launched its own Start Up Loans scheme which is designed to provide start-ups with the funding and advice they need. With this scheme, you will be assigned a delivery partner and can obtain a low-cost unsecured loan of up to £25,000. The loan needs to be repaid within five years. The Government-owned British Business Bank is designed to help small businesses benefit more from financial markets and works with a host of banks, venture capital funds and leasing companies to help start-ups generate finance. You could also be able to raise the capital that you require to launch your business successfully by using an overdraft. However, this can carry great risk, and should never be relied on as a long-term solution.

Selling Business Shares

You may also wish to sell shares in your business to an investor. Though it can be difficult to get investors on board, you won’t have to worry about interest or monthly repayments, as you will share profits with investors. You will only be able to secure this kind of funding if you are a limited company. It can also prove beneficial for your company because bringing another investor into the company can broaden the skillset of the management team. If this is something you are considering, then our team is well equipped to assist you every step of the way.

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