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What we do

We provide a host of accounting and financial services to businesses of various sizes and sectors. These services include audits and accounts, business advisory, UK and international tax advice, our VAT advisory service, business plans, tax inspection support, corporate restructuring advice, personal tax planning, corporate tax planning, LLP advice, corporation tax support and services for charities and CICs. Our services are designed to support your business both now and in the future, and we always take time to gain a detailed understanding of your business so we can identify the very best ways to support you.

Audits and Accounts

Audits are official inspections of your accounts, and you are legally obliged to have them carried out. However, why you might choose to arrange an audit voluntarily, such as when you need to convince potential investors that your business is viable. Audits ensure your financial reporting adheres to legislation. At DBS Corporate, we can help you with audits and your accounts to boost your efficiency, attract investment and help you with compliance. We can help you file your accounts and liaise with bodies including Companies House and HMRC on your behalf.

Business Advisory Service

We offer a range of business advisory services to protect the growth of your company and identify areas where savings can be made. We can also help you when you’re ready to make investments and require assistance with identifying the right opportunities. When it comes to UK and International Tax, we can help you ensure that you are paying the right amount of tax both here and abroad. There are many tax-saving opportunities that you may be unaware of, but we are here to help you take advantage of the most suitable options available to you.


VAT or Value Added Tax can be an incredibly complex area, but we can provide all the guidance you need to remain compliant with the legislation. We always explain everything to you as imply as possible, so you know exactly where you stand and what your obligations are. Our team is always available to take any queries.

Tax Investigations

If you are ever the subject of a tax investigation, we can represent you and liaise with the relevant bodies. We can help you gauge the seriousness of the inspection and meet HMRC representatives with you to help resolve the queries of the authorities as efficiently as possible.

Business Plans

Our team has extensive experience in providing detailed business plans for a multitude of clients of different sizes and industries. A detailed business plan can be the difference between receiving the investment that you are seeking and missing out on this vital support. We can help you ensure every conceivable possibly is reflected in your plan and help you make the plan appealing to lenders. The details in your plan can include information on the ownership structure, competitive differentiation, financial projections and funding requirements.

Company Restructuring

You may require company restructuring services when considering retirement, or when you have made a disposal or acquisition. At DBS Corporate, we have been supporting businesses through the corporate restructuring process for many years and can provide you with all the help you need to make the reshaping of your enterprise a success.

Personal and corporate tax

We are able to advise you on all areas of tax, including personal and corporate tax, helping you take full advantage of tax saving opportunities whilst complying fully with the law. Areas we specialise in include Capital Gains planning, Inheritance Tax planning and divorce tax planning. We can relieve much of the clerical burden attached to paying personal and corporate tax and can help you achieve the most tax-efficient structure for your business.

LLPs, Charities and CICs

Forming an LLP can help to protect and separate your personal assets from your business liabilities. We have been assisting charities and CICs (Community Interest Companies) for several years and can help with bookkeeping, management accounts, donor’s reports, Trustees reports, annual accounts, CIC reports to assist with establishing your organisation.

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