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Selling a business

Selling a business is not a decision that should be taken lightly. We can give you all the assistance you require if you’re thinking about selling your business and require advice from market-leading accountants. We know how stressful selling a business can be, and eager you’ll be to ensure you’re getting a fair price for your enterprise. You can count on us to provide all the help you need, whether you have already made the decision to sell your business, or are merely considering the idea and need to think about your exit requirements. We are noted for the quality of our succession planning services and always do everything in our power to ensure you’re getting a price that reflects the value of your business and the hard work you have invested in it.

The Importance of Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to the tax you’ll pay following the sale of your business. We can help make the exit process as smooth as possible to keep any problems to a minimum. There are many potential reasons why you might decide to sell your business. Perhaps you are ready to retire or wish to take on a brand-new challenge? Maybe you have been putting too much time into the running of your business, wish to spend more time with your family and have decided to take a step back? You may even feel that the business has more chance of success in the future with someone else at the helm. Whatever the case, we can assist you. We can conduct a comprehensive business evaluation to identify the best way to sell your business, find out how valuable your business is and identify how long it might take to sell and work out the suitable asking price.

Exit and Succession Planning

We can help you even if you haven’t made the final decision to sell just yet, so you know what your options are if you do decide to proceed. The better the quality of exit and succession planning, the more freedom you’ll get to do whatever you like after the sale. To stand any chance of getting the price for your business that you desire, your financial records must be accurate and extremely detailed. Any potential buyer will want to know all about the profits you have gained during recent years, and they will need to see detailed forecasts for the year ahead. Your forecasts will need to be realistic and they will need to be strongly evidenced. You will need to ensure that the process of taking over the business is as smooth as possible for your successors and is operating at its best.

Getting Buyers on Board

Potential buyers will also want to know what your reasons for selling are, and will need strong evidence that they are taking on a viable business with a great future ahead of it. We can help you obtain an accurate professional valuation for your business so you know exactly how much it is worth and how much profit will be generated from the sale. You will also need to consider issues such as Capital Gains Tax Liabilities, asset sales, share sales and all the different tax liabilities you might be met with upon selling your business. You can count on us to deliver the in-depth advice you require, as our team has great expertise in these areas.

Marketing Your Business

If you need to find a broker to market your business, we are more than capable of helping. It’s essential to spend sufficient time scouring the market for a broker that can deliver the excellence that you require. They will need vast experience in selling businesses like yours and outstanding capabilities when it comes to marketing businesses successfully. We can also help you if you are selling part of a business rather than the company in its entirety, or if you have decided to accept defeat and wind up your business. Our existing relationships with brokers can prove invaluable for your business. As a result, after taking the time to understand what you want from the sale of your business, we will have a good idea of who would be best to approach to market your business.

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