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Tax inspections

HMRC have stepped up their efforts to obtain tax over recent years, and many of our clients have described their activities as more aggressive than ever before. However, help is at hand if you are concerned that you will become the subject of a tax inspection or investigation. We give you the opportunity to ensure that costs related to supporting any investigation are already paid for, so you can achieve at least some peace of mind should you be targeted for a random investigation.

Covering the Costs of Defence

We offer a valuable Tax Investigations Package which will reimburse you for costs related to your defence if an enquiry is made. Clients from a variety of industries have already benefitted from this service, and you can contact us at any point if you feel it could help you. HMRC now have increase powers to inspect financial records, and the number of investigations being carried out has risen to a new high. Advancements in technology have also helped HMRC optimise their efforts to identify fraud and evasion, and the fact that billions of pounds in extra tax revenue has been generated via recent inspections means that there’s little sign of their investigations drive slowing down any time soon. Another reason for HMRC enhancing their tax inspection efforts is that the Government is attempting to raise an additional £7 billion per year in revenue. This has led to them conducting several random investigations.

Get All The Cover You Need

Our expert team can offer all the support you need to speed up any inspection, so you can put it behind you and return to focusing on your business operations. Our protection insurance will cover you from the day you receive notice of any enquiry through to the date a settlement or final outcome is reached. HMRC obtain data from various sources in order to decide the focus of their tax investigations, and you may be targeted even if you have done nothing wrong and have met all statutory requirements. Whether you have been selected at random or targeted due to an issue with your tax affairs, we are more than happy to help.

Forms of Tax Enquiry

There are different levels of enquiry when it comes to tax investigations, including aspect, full and discovery enquiries, as well as fraud investigations. Each type of enquiry requires you to take different actions, but you will be expected to provide sensitive information on your finances regardless.

Gain The Clarity and Support You Need

With our help, you can gain a clear picture of the enquiry process. We can protect you from much of the pressure attached to an enquiry by doing much of the relevant work on your behalf, and you can rely on us to disclose information to the tax authorities in a discrete manner. We will do everything in our power to prove your compliance or attempts to comply and negotiate the best settlement we possibly can. Should you need to attend a tax tribunal, we can either represent you or recommend representation for you.

Have You Been Given Notification?

If you have already received a tax enquiry notification, get in touch with us immediately so we can identify the best way to support you. It is essential to start taking action straight away once notification is received, due to HMRC deadlines on providing information. The protection you invest in will cover the costs of our attendance at compliance visits and means that you will be supported by market-leading tax experts, should HMRC decide to investigate into your financial affairs.

Protecting Your Finances

When you opt for our cover, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you will be protected by a team who already have a superb track record against HMRC investigations. As we are a proactive team, we will do all we can to keep your involvement in any future inspection to a minimum. We will also do our utmost to protect you from an unfairly expensive settlement. Our services are designed to greatly diminish the costs of defending yourself from the tax authorities.

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